There was a time when only celebs or rich tycoons traveled in exquisite limited edition luxury vehicles. As the world is evolving, so does prom nights. That time is long gone when these were held in the school gymnasium. Nowadays, these are held in lavish banquet halls and other first class venues. Hence, it has become a fashion among the students to showcase their charm among their fellow mates. Nonetheless, it has become a matter of reputation on how you arrive at the venue and in which vehicle.

Since the privilege is no more restricted to only rich, students from middle-class families can live their prom dreams in reality and ride in a stretch limo to the venue.

If you are a parent and thinking to make your child’s prom night a special affair, then renting a prom limo for them can be a sweet gift. Moreover, when a fully-dressed chauffeur opens the door and shows the chivalry in the public, the moment glorifies and give your child a feeling for being special.

From Hummer, Ford, Chrysler, Cadillac to Lincoln, our fleet consists of various limo options for the prom night at the most budgeted prices.