Indulge in the exquisite experience of wine tasting amidst the stunning backdrop of Niagara Falls on the Lake, where the beauty of vineyards meets the charm of Lavish Limousines’ tailored winery tour packages. Elevate your wine-tasting journey with our executive design, ensuring a seamless blend of comfort and luxury to complement the breathtaking views.

With an illustrious 25-year history, Lavish Limousine stands as the premier choice for your escort needs. Our team of seasoned chauffeurs, well-versed in vineyard nuances, and a fleet of opulent limousines ensure an unparalleled experience. Immerse yourself in a sumptuous ride, accompanied by smooth jazz, adding a sophisticated touch to your ambiance while taking in the awe-inspiring scenery.

Allow us to handle the logistics, turning your day of relaxation into a purposeful escape. Lavish Limousine presents a premium gateway to wine tours through a variety of meticulously curated packages.

Explore our offerings:

1. Grand Package:
Opt for the grandeur of our customizable tour where you dictate the vineyards to visit. This economical option allows you to personalize your journey, as your chosen limo arrives with a knowledgeable chauffeur ensuring a timely schedule for your vineyard visits.

2. Chateau Margaux 1787 Package:
Immerse yourself in an old-fashioned, luxurious experience with our premium package. Let us guide you through a meticulously planned winery tour at a top vineyard, where our specially trained tour guide becomes your chauffeur for the day. Enjoy a hassle-free, expertly designed day with our wine tour team orchestrating every detail.

3. Eagle Sauvignon Blanc:
Indulge in a day of refined elegance with our executive package, offering a carefully curated tour to the most upscale vineyards featuring silky, gentle-textured wines. Lavish Limousine takes care of every aspect, providing an executive ride, chauffeur, and tour guide with in-depth knowledge of each wine. As a bonus, two complimentary bottles of top-tier wine await you in the limo, ensuring an unmatched class throughout your journey.

For 25 years, Lavish Limousines has perfected the art of exclusive winery tours. Entrust us with the delicacies of this experience, allowing you to savor the scenic views of Niagara Falls with the company of friends and family. Book with us today and let Lavish Limousines transform your day into an unforgettable memory!

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