One of the most special days in anyone’s life is the wedding day. This is the day when a person steps into the new phase of his life, from being single to a married couple. Because of this day being so exceptional, everyone wishes to make the day as extraordinary and memorable as it can be. This is mostly the case with the bride as she starts making a list of everything from dresses to her entry at the location of wedding. One of the finest ways to make her entry special is reaching the destination in a luxurious limo. This can create an awesome impression on everyone present as well as make the bride feel really special.

But the real question here is that how can you choose the perfect limo for your wedding. To make this decision simpler for you, here are some tips while choosing the limousine for your wedding.

1. Research

For anything to be successful, proper knowledge and research is required. So whenever you are about to hire a company for limo services in Toronto, make sure to do market research about that company thoroughly and read online reviews about the company provided by their previous clients. This gives you a clear vision about which company to go for.

2. Make a Booking

Wedding is all about making plans and schedules long time before the final day. There are endless numbers of things that need to be taken care of and that too in advance. From catering to decoration, vows to rings exchange etc, everything has to be planned because last minute preparations can be really very problematic. Thus, it is always advised to book a limo months before the final day and always have a follow up visit a week before the wedding to ensure that everything is scheduled the way it should be.

3. Proper Planning


A good wedding limousine company will always wish to know as much things as possible about the wedding and that too in detail. This is because they will schedule everything accordingly for you and try to reduce as much pressure as possible from your head. So always keep in mind what all tasks can be handled by the wedding limousine company and always plan the limo rental hours required, so that you don’t have to pay any extra amount than the finalized price. Distance as well as passengers should always be planned a bit more than actual to avoid problems later.

4. Selection of The Limo

Many people have this perception in their mind that limousines are always stretch ones but this is not true. Limousines come in all shapes & sizes. Some limousines are vintage cars while some are a modernized vehicle will all the modern amenities. There are many limousines available like limo bus, limo hummer, classic stretch limo and limo SUV etc, are few of those options. So always plan the vehicle according to all your needs.

5. Snacks Planning

If you plan on taking a limo bus or hummer limo, then you should always plan for snacks and beverages for the friends and family you are taking along with you. This might be a great option if your wedding destination is at a farther distance. You can even offer beverages to everyone as they can easily enjoy their journey and stay refreshed.

6. Music & Dance

Having music in your wedding limo is also a great option as you can play all the music you like on the way. If you have hired a party bus limo then you even get a dance floor in that, so selecting the music and songs accordingly can easily make your day extra special. Everyone will be able to dance out their happiness for the wedding, creating memories.


7. Directions to Destination

Always keep in mind to select those roads, through which you can reach the destination in time. Keeping a clear and lesser traffic route is what should be your first priority and do inform the driver about the route before it starts as this can avoid any kinds of problems later with traffic. You can even tell the driver in advance about the stops from where you have to pick up the friends or family on the way.

8. Fixed Price Deal

Always fix the deal of total rent including all taxes, before the ride only as it would help you to avoid problems later. If you don’t ask in detail about the extra charges and taxes before the ride, then you might get a shock in the bill statement.

9. Tipping the Chauffeur

While some companies already add the gratuity in the total bill amount itself, still always make sure that you reward him with satisfactory tip. There is a custom even to pay the chauffeur a tip of around twenty percent of the total rent you will pay. The chauffeurs mostly earn from gratuity and tips only, so always take care of their pocket.

Tip to Chauffeur

So, these all are the tips to keep in mind while choosing a limousine service for your wedding. This list cover mostly all the aspects that can make your wedding limo ride an extraordinary and memorable day.

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