The transition from a woman to a mother comes with many changes to body and mind. Some of the changes that a woman faces during pregnancy are weight gain, back pains, and mood swings. These changes do impact women emotionally and physically. It is during this situation the love and support of the family becomes absolutely critical. 

To support women during this tough yet beautiful phase of life, a baby shower, among many, can lift their spirits to the sky. You can rent a place and invite your friends and family to celebrate. Or you can do something unique and memorable by renting a party bus rental for the baby shower. Read this blog to learn how to plan a baby shower with a party bus Oakville rental. 

Let’s begin, 

1. Choosing the right party bus

To make your event enjoyable for all, it is necessary to rent the right vehicle. Consider the following points for the same:

  • Theme and Size:
    The exterior look of the party bus does influence the vibe of your event. If you want to plan a vintage-themed baby shower, choose a classic-style bus. Also, count the number of guests you expect to attend the event and choose a vehicle that can carry them easily. 
  • Amenities: 

Party buses come with many modern amenities. Choose the one that satisfies the unique needs of your special day. Some of the key features you should look for in your party bus are comfortable leather seatings, a sound system, AC, etc. 

2. Invitations and Decorations

You can create invitation cards that convey a warm welcome to the guests. For this, you can also take the help of graphic designers to craft an invitation that seamlessly blends the theme of the baby shower with the party bus. 

To transform your party bus into a baby shower wonderland you need to put a lot of planning and imagination at work. Below are some of the ideas that you can implement in your event. 

  • Space-friendly decor: Choose fixtures such as balloons, streamers, and banners to decorate your party bus. This is because they tend to occupy less space and give the feel of enough space inside the vehicle. You can also go for ceiling decorations to save space for other activities.
  • Secure fixtures: You do not want your decorations to fall over the guests during the ride. This might pose a serious safety risk if the fixtures are heavy in weight. So, to solve this problem, use strong glues or tapes to secure the overall decoration. 

3. Entertainment

One of the critical aspects of creating a lively atmosphere is to keep the guests engaged and entertained. You can consider the following ideas for the same: 

  • Playlist suggestions: Create playlists that include baby shower songs and some trendy songs to keep the energy high. Moreover, ensure that the list features the favourite songs of the mother-to-be. 
  • Games on the go: Plan baby shower games that can be played easily inside a moving vehicle. For example, you can consider games such as:
  1. Guess the baby food Remove the labels from the food jars of the baby and have your guests taste and identify the flavours. 
  1. Baby price is right- Have your guest estimate the price of the baby’s items. The guest with the closest answer wins the game. 
  1. Advice cards- Give your guests cards one which they will be required to write tips and advice for better parenting.

4. Foods and drinks

Another important aspect of hosting a successful gathering is to offer delicious food and drinks. 

  • Baby shower snacks: Choose food options that are easy for your guest to handle inside a moving party bus. For example, you can opt for mini sandwiches, cupcakes, pastries, fruit skewers and more. 
  • Mocktail and more: Include a choice of beverages that are strictly non-alcoholic in nature. For example, you can go for fruit punch or mocktails. You can also customize the drinks to match the theme of the baby shower. 

5. Photography and memories:

Capturing the moments of baby shower inside the party bus should be your number one priority. You can hire a professional with experience in capturing lovely moments inside a moving vehicle. Discuss the moments you want to capture, for example, the mum-to-be’s expression while receiving gifts from the guests or candid shots of them enjoying the party. 

6. After-party plans:

The best thing about celebrating the baby shower on a party bus is that you can take the party wherever you want. For example, you can book a restaurant to host a lunch or dinner feast for your guests. Coordinate with the venue to ensure a smooth transition from a party bus to your desired locations. Convey your plan of celebration with your service provider beforehand for a successful event. 

Final Words!

In the end, know that a party bus can be an attractive option for someone looking to host a baby shower event. This luxurious vehicle will give you a solid impression in front of your guests and make your event memorable for years to come. For hosting a successful event, ensure you have conveyed your unique needs and prefrences to the service provider beforehand. If you want to host a small number of guests, you can also rent an Oakville limo rental in Toronto to enjoy and have fun. Contact Lavish Limo and book your ride today.