Limousines are undeniably the top choice for travel, but considering the cost, many people hesitate to rent one. If you want to book a limo for airport travel, sightseeing or any other event, you must surely have questions regarding the cost associated with it and whether it comes under your budget or not. In this blog post, we will tell you how you can find an affordable limo in Toronto conveniently. 

What influences the price of a limo?

There are various types of limo services, each catering to a specific client base and with different associated prices. While airport transfers and basic hourly rentals often have entry-level rates, for exciting occasions like bachelorette parties or nights out, expect higher rates. For city tours and wine tours, the cost can vary depending on the duration and inclusions, but many services offer competitive starting rates.

Remember, these are just starting points! Be sure to get quotes from different limo companies to find the best deal for your needs, as many companies periodically offer significant discounts on their packages. 

Other Factors:

Here are other factors that can affect the price of a limo rental in Toronto, helping you find an affordable option:

  • Type of Limo: Generally, stretch limousines, the classic long vehicles, are more expensive than sedans or SUVs outfitted for limousine service. You can rule out the expensive options based on your needs, like smaller groups can go with SUVs or sedans to save money. 
  • Length of Rental: Hourly rates are very common, but some companies offer special packages for extended rentals or events. If you wish to plan your itinerary, inquire about these options. In fact, sometimes customizable rental options can be more cost-effective than renting by the hour for a longer period.
  • Day and Time: Weekdays and daytime hours are typically cheaper than weekends, evenings, and peak seasons (holidays, prom season). If you’re flexible on time, consider scheduling your limo ride outside of peak times.
  • Distance and Location: Longer trips will obviously cost you more. Along with that, if the location you want to travel to is far from the company’s base or out of the city, there might be additional fees.
  • Additional Services: Amenities like stocked minibars, decorations, or a red carpet roll-out add to the base price. Before signing up for a deal with a limousine provider, be sure to ask them what’s included in their package and whether you can cancel a few amenities to save money.  

So these are some factors that influence the limo cost majorly. By keeping everything in check, you can easily find an affordable option that meets your needs and budget.

Tips to find an affordable deal

Follow these tips to help you find an affordable limo service in Toronto:

Be flexible

Depending on the day of the week, time of the day and duration of service, limo rates vary. If your schedule is flexible, you can snag a better deal. You are most likely to find these lucky deals on weekdays or during off-peak hours/season. 

Compare prices

Don’t settle for the first company you come across. It’s very important to get quotes from several different limo services in Toronto so that you can compare their rates and packages. This way you can conclude you are not being overcharged for anything. And don’t forget to ask about any hidden fees or additional charges that may apply.

Consider the type of limo

Stretch limos are the most popular option, but they’re also typically the most expensive. If your group is smaller, you could save money by renting a town car or a smaller limousine.

Look for deals and promotions

Many limo services offer discounts for special occasions, such as weddings, proms, and airport transfers. You can also find great deals by booking your limo in advance.

Check online reviews

Reviews are very insightful. They tell you what was the onboard experience like for people there. A company with a good reputation will have active reviews on their website that can be a mix of average and excellent reviews, and if the company is engaging with them, surely they are doing good with their services. 

Ask about hourly rates vs. package deals

There are both hourly and specialized packages available. Based on how long you need the vehicle, you should make your choice. 

By following these tips, you should be able to find an affordable limo service in Toronto that meets your needs and budget.

Don’ts for booking a limo

Focusing solely on the price

The cheapest option might not be the best. Look for companies that offer a good balance between affordability and quality. A poorly maintained limo or an unprofessional driver can put a damper on your special occasion.

Booking with a company that lacks insurance or licensing

Always ensure the limo company has valid insurance and proper licensing. This protects you in case of an accident and ensures the limo meets safety standards.

Not asking about the vehicle

Get details about the specific limo you’ll be getting. See pictures online; you should also not forget to check the pictures given in the review section, as they tell a lot about the condition of the vehicle. And if possible visit the rental company to take a look beforehand. Don’t end up with a beat-up limo that doesn’t match the pictures or description.

Ignoring hidden fees

Get a full breakdown of the costs upfront. Be wary of companies that are vague about pricing or mention hidden fees later. This can significantly inflate your final bill.

Booking last minute

Especially for popular dates or events like concerts, limo services tend to get booked up fast. Waiting until the last minute might limit your options and potentially force you to pay a premium.

Not communicating your needs clearly

Be clear about your needs, including the number of passengers, desired amenities (like a mini-bar or sound system), and luggage space requirements. This helps the company recommend the best limo for you and avoids any surprises.


  • Are there extra charges for stops? 

Some companies may charge you for additional stops. Lavish Limo offers you the flexibility to plan your party bus/ limo route with customizable packages.

  • How far in advance should I book a limo?

It’s recommended to book a limo in Toronto at least 48 hours beforehand, especially during peak seasons or weekends.

  • Does the chauffeur help with luggage?

Yes! Chauffeur assistance with luggage is a standard service in the limousine industry.

  • Are there cancellation fees?

In most cases, you will not have to pay if you cancel the ride timely. 

  • Can I rent a limo for just an hour?

Our Sedans might be available for a one-hour rental, but stretch limos often have a minimum rental time of 2 hours or more.