Riding in a limousine is an exciting as well as expensive affair. However, there’s no replacement for the exhilarating experience that you get when you step out of the limousine and suddenly each and every eye just adores you. You instantly become a celebrity and you feel proud of limo rental decision for the occasion.
That’s one of the main reasons why people rent limos for occasions such as prom or a wedding. However, still there’s no shortage of people that want to ride in a limo to and from the venue, but keep they wondering why it costs so much when it‘s just a car or a stretch limo? Let’s talk about the different factors involved in the pricing of a limo rental.

Yes, it does heavily depend on your location. The cost of living index always contributes in the high pricing of a limo rental because a company has to earn enough money to run successfully and to pay off the wages to its staff. Moreover, insurance factor is also there. Undoubtedly, at some places, limos actually become cheaper than a taxi when a large group riding together contributes for the fare. If you look at this way, you can save money even if you are living in an expensive city.

The limo comes in various sizes. To determine the true cost of your limo, you need to make a list of people riding with you in the limo. If you book a limo for 12 people, but only 6 are going with you, then you are just adding unnecessary extra cost whose burden will only fall on you and your wallet. Hence, this factor should always be considered important. Many people oversee this one because they are not good event organizers. Different limos can escort 6, 8, 10, or 12 to 18 passengers at a time. Hence, planning before booking is a better idea.

Stretch Limos
Hummer and SUV stretch limo are expensive than Lincoln limos. That factor is another thing that adds the cost. It entirely depends on the person what kind of limo he wants to book for the event. If you are going to the casino, Lincoln limo can do fairly well; however, if you want to go at a party with friends, then SUV limo is often preferred by people.

SUV LIMO Toronto

Now this is the factor that actually makes a lot of difference. For how many hours do you need a limo? As you add up the hours, the cost will significantly rise. And if you are on a tight budget, but still want to ride in a limo because that’s your dream or it showcases your personal choices and improves your societal stature; then make sure, you count the hours before booking a limo to avoid any kind of economic burden on yourself.

Demand Season
During prom season and wedding season, the demand of a limo is very high. And if you haven’t booked in advance, then you are going to pay the extra amount to book the left ones because of others willing to pay higher than the actual price.

Yes, many people don’t actually consider it until they gave no option left. Different people have different preferences and you have to see which color is in high demand that can also fluctuate the pricing of same limo.

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